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Why Oceanus?


Why the Country of Oceanus?

People generally think of a "country" as "a landmass with definite boundaries," and of "oceans" only as endless stretches of water between countries. In reality, ocean seas connect the entire ecosystem, and do more to determine the health of the entire planet than all the land masses combined.

Photographs from space show Earth as a beautiful, fragile, pale blue ball shining against the blackness of the universe. The dominant features in this image are the oceans and smaller seas. The ocean seas cover about 71% of the Earth's surface and hold 97% of its water. The seas are what make this planet different from all theothers. It is the dominant aspect of our biosphere, vital to the processes which make human life possible.

Human beings have thus far focused on the five percent of the planet that they walk around on. Man has not only failed to understand our connection to the seas but continuously insists on using the global oceans as a huge repository for all manner of human waste. Pollution, fishery mismanagement and profiteering from seabed mining of oil and minerals are not addressed by any form of management on a global scale.

Management of the world's oceans requires a world government. The human tendency is to cling to ethnic identity, often at the risk of devastation. The Government of the Country of Oceanus recognizes this human diversity while we all share in our common heritage ownership of the global ocean seas. We must join together to protect our biosphere while allowing for human differences. Therefore, all peoples are citizens of The Country of Oceanus by birthright. From this equitable foundation where all are citizens of equal value and voice, The Government of Oceanus can appropriately manage the most important aspect of Earth's biosphere. Thanks to today's global communications network, the only boundaries are in the minds of man.

The Oceanus Government is designed to allow ideas to better surface through due process to solve problems and make life better for all. Through Oceanus, fragmented environmental groups, individuals, companies and governments can come together for a positive coalition for Earth's survival.

While working to prevent monopoly and to maintain free enterprise competition in ocean business and ocean government leadership, the Oceanus Government is aware of the benefits of big, economically powerful businesses in helping to effect important ideas. The Oceanus Government is also aware that big businesses using ocean space commercially must equitably share economic wealth and other benefits with all individuals as Oceanus due process provides. Oceanus Government is most acutely aware that economic activity on the global ocean seas must be environmentally sustainable for the future Plant Earth.


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