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A Brief History of The Government of Oceanus

Greek legend first revealed the concept of Oceanus Government, an idea handed down from pre-historic times. The ancient Greeks said Oceanus was the ruler of the waters that surround the world. Today we call such waters "oceans." The most ancient and honorable legal tradition, the concept that the global ocean is the common heritage of all, developed at that time.

In 1968, Edward R. Welles III attended the Lambeth Conference in London, England. Inspired by a conversation with Anglican Bishop Lancelot Scot Fleming about the plight of the global oceans, Welles recognized the need for a renewal of the Oceanus concept. On August18, 1970, The Government of Oceanus, in accord with the Oceanus Constitution, was established, and began working to effect its goals.

In a 1991 legal opinion regarding Oceanus sovereignty, International Bar member Kenneth Kirk wrote, "With its nonexclusive constitution whereunder all peoples of the world are citizens and have a right to participate in the management of common assets, and its dedication to protect the environment from usurpers, Oceanus' claim to the oceans is as compelling as the United States of America Founding Fathers' claim to independence from Great Britain."

"Oceanus Government provides a level platform from whichwe can work together to solve the problems of the world."

Admiral Edward R. Welles, III
1941 - 1994
Founding Admiral


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