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As an Oceanus Citizen, you have the right to carry identity documents from The Government of The Country of Oceanus.

Provide you with identification and a place to have visas stamped as you travel between various nations and/or countries. Oceanus travel documents are issued without prejudice and in no way affect the bearer's other status ~ national or otherwise.

The package includes your Oceanus Passport, Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Identity Card, and International Driving Permit. These documents identify you as an Oceanus Citizen, and render your birthplace by longitude and latitude to avoid nationality prejudices.

Oceanus Citizen Passport

Become part of a growing number of Oceanus Citizens who are helping to educate others about our universal human identity and our common heritage rights to the seas by using Oceanus identity documents.


Oceanus Global Drivers License
Oceanus Citizen Birth Certificate
Oceanus Citizen Identity Card

International Driving Permit
Oceanus Seafarer's Documents
Oceanus Seafarer's Book and ID Card (for Seafarers)

As a service to the worldwide marine industry, the Government of Oceanus offers a Seafarer's Book and ID Card for mariners. The book provides a uniform record-keeping system of sea service, is issued without prejudice, and in no way affects the national status of the bearer.

All Oceanus citizens are entitled to a Seafarer's Book at entry level. Any status above entry level is determined by the Oceanus Government Transportation Commission technical office, and is based on experience as shown in documents you present as evidence.

For information about Oceanus Ship Registry and other Seafaring Licenses contact: The Transportation Commission, Oceanus Government.

The total fee for the Oceanus Seafarer's Book and ID Card isUS $150 (includes postage and handling charges worldwide). Apply through your local Oceanus Consulate or directly through The Transportation Commission of Oceanus Government.

Your Oceanus identity documents are valid for 10 years from date of issue. International Driving Permits are valid for five(5) years. The total fee for these documents is US $650 (includes postage and handling charges worldwide). 

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