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Government of the Country of Oceanus

Postal Address via: Oceanus Government Miami Consulate
P.O. Box 52-2192, Miami, FL. 33152 U.S.A.
Application for Oceanus Travel Documents

(Please print this document, fill out clearly, sign and mail)

Applicant's Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Complete Address For Delivery: ________________________________________________________

Birth Date: ____________ Time: ___________ Birth Place: _______________________

Nearest Large city to Birth Place: __________________________

Father's Full Name: __________________________________________________________________

Mother's Full Birth Name: ____________________________________________________________

Height: ________ft., in. ________ cm. Eye Color: __________________

Blood Type: ___________ Sex (circle one) M F

PHOTOGRAPHS: Six (6) signed photographs, 2" high by 1.5"wide (5cm X 4cm) taken WITHIN THE PAST SIX (6) MONTHS MUST BE SUBMITTED with this application. The photographs all must be signedby YOU in front, left side, without marring your features. The signature must be identical to the application. Photos may bein color or black and white. A pleasant, natural pose is recommended. TINTED PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Polaroid professional #667or #669 film standard prints showing a front view of you with a plain, LIGHT BACKGROUND ARE ACCEPTABLE.

PROCESSING FEES: US $650 for Oceanus passport, ID card, Birth Certificate, International Driving Permit and Oceanus Drivers License.

OCEANUS TRAVEL DOCUMENTS provide you with identification and aplace to have visas stamped on such identification to come andgo from various nations and/or countries. It is without prejudice and in no way affects the bearer's other status, national or otherwise. Government officials not honoring the Oceanus Passport are guilty of human rights violations according to International Law Article13; Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Please check the appropriate box below to indicate type of vehicle for which you are now capable and have expertise in operating.

____ Motorcycle ____ Vehicle under d.g.v.w. 3,500 kg. ____ Vehicle over 3,500 kg.

____ Vehicle over 8 seats ____ Vehicle with special dangerous materials

I the above named applicant, hereby testify and affirm under penalty of perjury the following to wit: (1) I have acquired complete training to safely Drive/Operate the aforementioned Motor Vehicle or Conveyance; (2) I shall be completely responsible for obtaining full liability and other coverage for each Motor Vehicle/Conveyance that I drive or operate; (3) I waive the Government of the Country of Oceanus from all liabilities incurred by my actions in carrying, using, and/or presenting an Oceanus International Driving Permit; and (4) I further understand that this license is valid only as long as I am a safe driver.

I, the above named applicant, understand that the Oceanus Governmentcan accept no responsibility for the position of any government regarding Oceanus citizens, and do herewith sign below agreeingto conduct myself at all times in a prudent fashion that would cause all who come in contact with me to have nothing but highregard for Oceanus.

Applicant Sign: ________________________________________ Date:___________________

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